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Local Tutoring Company Responds to Drop in SAT Scores by Offering Massive Financial Aid

(Portsmouth, NH) A high SAT score often paves the way for admission into the country's best colleges and universities. But that way is harder to navigate for many low and middle-income parents who cannot afford SAT prep programs that often cost over $1000.

Top-Tier Academic Consulting, a locally-owned and operated tutoring company established in 2003, has responded to this crisis by offering a tuition-reduction plan so that no high school student will be denied the opportunity to prepare for the exam in an optimal fashion.

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Top-Tier's "SAT from A to Z" one day course

Top-Tier Academic Consulting is excited to present SAT FROM A TO Z, a one day test preparation course that provides a strong foundation for increasing one's SAT scores. SAT FROM A TO Z courses are taught exclusively by PhD and Masters degree educational professionals who know what it takes to succeed on the SAT. In just one day, SAT FROM A TO Z offers foundational training in all areas of the SAT.

Other offerings:

3 Class Program
Top-Tier offers A to Z in a three-course format. This course is a more in-depth study, meeting once a week for 3 weeks, focusing on one section of the SAT each session, with a continuous overview of test taking concepts and tips.

SAT Prep Camp
Each summer Top-Tier offers an intensive 1 day SAT Camp, focusing on each section of the SAT in one session.

Our courses are easily accessible from anywhere in the Southern Maine, New Hampshire, and Northern Massachusetts area.

Classes are centrally located around the NH Seacoast and in Stratham, NH throughout the year. We also work with high school guidance offices to offer special one-day intensive, private courses in individual high schools.

In a sentence, there has never been an easier, more cost effective and focused way to prepare for the SAT.

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