Fire Meteorb Sorceress – D2R 2.5

D2R Frost Nova Sorc

Fire Sorceress Introduction & Overview The introduction of the Sunder Charms has made Sorceress builds significantly stronger. The Fire Sorceress is no exception. The standard fire sorc uses Fire Ball and Meteor for dealing damage. The build is capable of dealing with any game content except for Uber Tristram. However the build is unfortunately not […]

Nova Sorceress Build – D2R 2.5

D2R Frost Nova Sorc

Nova Sorceress Introduction & Overview The Nova Sorc is once again a viable, and extremely strong build thanks to the introduction of the Sunder Charms. It uses Nova for attacking, Static Field for reducing monster lives, Teleport for movement and Energy Shield for survivability boost. Since Nova consumes a lot of mana, the build requires […]

Cold Sorceress Build – D2R 2.5

D2R Frost Nova Sorc

Cold Sorceress Introduction & Overview Cold Sorceresses are the most played characters in Diablo 2 Resurrected patch 2.5. This is mainly because Sunder Charms were introduced to the game, so no monsters are immune to cold anymore. With the unique mechanics of the Cold Mastery skill, every enemy’s cold resistance is greatly reduced, and the […]

Frost Nova Sorceress Build – D2R 2.5

D2R Frost Nova Sorc

Frost Nova Sorceress Introduction & Overview The Frost Nova Sorc is a very strong build for farming areas where monster density is high. If you like the caster playstyle, this build will be ideal for you, as gameplay is quite action-packed. For maximum farming efficiency, you should use the Teleport and Frost Nova skills, teleport […]

Trap Assassin Build Guide -D2R 2.5

The Trapsin is one of the most effective and most played builds in D2. Check this guide and learn everything you need to know about it.

Bow Amazon Guide -D2R 2.5 Bowazon

Bowazon Introduction & Overview The Bowazon is amongst the most popular D2R builds and a highly effective one against mobs and bosses as well. If you enjoy missile builds, doing PvP, or farming high density areas, it is definitely a build you will enjoy. The Bowazon uses Multiple Shot, Strafe, and Guided Arrow for attacking, […]

Frenzy Barbarian Guide – D2R 2.5

Kill even the strongest bosses within seconds and run with run at 300% increased speed with one of the best Barb builds. Check out the guide for further infos!

Frozen Orb Sorceress D2R 2.5 Build

D2R Frost Nova Sorc

Start your ladder season with a Frozen Orb sorc and kill big monster packs with a single Frozen Orb! Check out the guide to learn everything you need to know about Frozen Orb Sorcs

Hybrid Sorceress Build Guide – D2R 2.5

D2R Frost Nova Sorc

Hybrid Sorc Build Introduction The hybrid sorc is one of the most popular and efficient builds in D2. It’s a great ladder starter, can effectively farm any area even in budget gear, deals a great amount of single target and area damage, can have very high magic find % while still dealing decent damage and […]