Magic Find Sorceress Introduction & Overview

Sorceress builds are superior to any other class for magic finding since Sunder Charms were introduced to the game. They are the fastest teleporters, and can farm efficiently in magic find gear without compromising farming speed. Survivability is not their strengths, but dying occasionally is not a huge drawback in softcore. However if you play Hardcore, you will need to optimize your gear for farming different Bosses or locations. In this guide I will use the Frozen Orb Sorceress as an example for magic finding, since the build is quite optimal for that purpose.


🔸 Easily Soloes any game content

🔸Mephisto, Andariel, Countess, Nihlathak, Eld+Shenk+Pindle within 1 minute

🔸 Optimal Ladder Starter

🔸 Very fast Teleportation


Magic Find Sorceresses can have up to 1000% MF and still farm efficiently. No other class and build comes close to such performance. Bosses can quickly be dealt with if you use Static Field in addition to the Frozen Orb skill, as a few Static Field casts will reduce Boss life by 50% within 2 seconds.


Magic Find Sorceress Pros and Cons


  • Great farming speed in MF Gear
  • Can solo the entire game
  • Decent Area Damage
  • Huge single target damage
  • Fun playstyle if you enjoy casters
  • The best ladder starter magic finder
  • Up to 1k% Magic find potential
  • Fast teleportation speed
  • Budget friendly options are available

  • Poor Survivability

Magic Find Sorceress Gameplay

Playing solo: Try to get a Cold Sunder Charm as soon as possible. You should always use teleport for movement, it is by far the fastest way to get to your destination. You can use Frozen Orb in a combination with Static Field to deliver the maximum amount of damage in the shortest time. Get an Insight weapon for your mercenary as soon as possible, to solve any of your mana issues. An Act2 Prayer merc works best, as Meditation Synergises with Prayer. If this is your first ladder character in a new season, try to get a Spirit Crystal Sword and a Spirit Monarch.


Playing in a party: Since you will have the highest magic find % in the party, you should be the one who delivers the final blow to Bosses, so your magic find gets applied when drops are decided.

Playing Hardcore: 
Survivability completely depends on gearing and skilling. Avoid teleporting near bigger monster packs, and gear yourself for the area you are about to farm. Wear items with +maximum resists, elemental damage absorption, physical damage reduction, high chance to block and/or quick hit recovery, all based on what your target area requires for better survivability. A Call to Arms switch weapon in combination with a Spirit shield is a must in order to buff your life and mana. Use an Act2 Prayer Mercenary equippped with an Insight polearm (preferably ethereal Thresher).

Magic Find Sorceress Breakpoints


Note: Each second in the game consists of 25 frames or “ticks”. Your breakpoints decide how many frames it will take until you can attack/cast a skill/recover from a hit/ block a new hit.


Faster Cast Rate


Faster Hit Recovery


Faster Block Rate

Magic Find Sorceress Skills

Cold Spells

  • 1 point to Frozen Armor
  • 20 points to Ice Bolt
  • 1 point to Ice Blast
  • 1 point to Frost Nova
  • 1 point to Glacial Spike
  • 1 point to Blizzard
  • 20 points to Frozen Orb
  • Up to 20 points to Cold Mastery*

Lightning Spells

  • 1 point to Charged Bolt
  • 1 point to Static Field
  • 1 point to Telekinesis
  • 1 point to Lightning
  • 1 point to Teleport
  • 1 point to Chain Lightning
  • 1 point to Energy Shield

Fire Spells

  • 1 point to Warmth

Skill notes: *Cold mastery is capped at level 37 (-200% Cold Resistance), so don’t put more points on it once you reach lvl37.

Magic Find Sorceress Stat Points


Allocate enough Strength points to be able to wear your gear.


Allocate enough Dexterity points to be able to wear your gear. If you farm areas where high block chance is beneficial, you can aim for 75% chance to block by wearing a high block chance % shield such as Stormshield, and put enough points on dexterity to reach the 75% cap.


Put all your remaining stat points on Vitality once you are able to wear your gear.


Don’t put any points on it.


You can re-stat your character by the quest reward of Akara’s Act1 Den of Evil Quest, or by using Token of Absolution.

Magic Find Sorceress Mercenary

You should have an Act2 Prayer Aura mercenary equipped with an Insight runeword weapon for optimal mana and life recovery.

Magic Find Sorceress Item setups

Ladder Starter Magic Find Sorc Gear

Helm: Tal Rasha’s Horadric Crest socketed with Perfect Topaz

Amulet: Any amulet with +skill, + all resistances or +Faster Cast Rate

Weapon:  Gull Dagger / Blade of Alibaba socketed with 2*Ist rune

Switch Weapon: none

Shield:  Spirit Monarch / Rhyme Runeword

Switch Shield: none

Body Armor: Skullder’s Ire

Belt: Tal Rasha’s Belt

Rings: 2*Nagelring

Gloves:  Chance Guards
Boots: War Traveler


Charms: Cold Sunder Charm, 7% Magic Find small charms, Any charm with +skill, life, resist or FHR to boost survivability.

Notes: Aim for 75% all resistances. You can use magic and rare items in any of your gear slots, and can also use them for your Mercenary.


Mercenary Gear

Helm: 3*Perfect Diamond socketed helm / Tal Rasha helm socketed with Perfect Diamond
Body Armor: Any useful rare body armor
Weapon:  Insight Polearm

Advanced Magic Find Sorc Gear

Helm: Harlequin Crest Shako (Socket it with Ist rune)

Amulet: 40-50% Magic Find amulet

Weapon: Wizardspike / Heart of the Oak flail

Switch Weapon: 6*Ist Crystal Sword

Shield: Spirit Monarch
Switch Shield: 4*Ist Monarch

Body Armor: Skullder’s Ire socketed with Ist 

Belt: Upgraded Goldwrap

Rings: 2*Nagelring

Gloves: Upgraded Chance Guards
Boots: War Traveler


Charms: Cold Sunder charm, Annihilus, Hellfire torch, Gheed’s Fortune, Small Charms with 7% Magic find (and also @all resistances if possible)

Mercenary Gear

Helm:  Andariel’s Visage or Crown of Thieves (preferably ethereal, socketed with Ral/Um rune)
Body Armor: Ethereal Fortitude or Treachery armor
Weapon:  Insight runeword in an elite two-handed ethereal Polearm, preferably Thresher


Hardcore Magic Find Sorc Gear   


Helm: Harlequin Crest Shako (Socket it with Um rune)

Amulet: Metalgrid

Weapon: Heart of the Oak Flail / Wizardspike

Switch Weapon: Call to Arms

Shield: Stormshield Monarch
Switch Shield: Spirit Monarch

Body Armor: Ethereal Guardian Angel socketed with Zod rune

Belt: Thundergod’s Vigor

Rings: Raven Frost / Rare or crafted 10% FCR ring with resists and/or life and mana

Gloves: Trang Oul’s Gloves

Boots: Upgraded Hotspur


Charms: Cold Sunder charm, Annihilus, Hellfire torch, Gheed’s Fortune, Small Charms with 7% Magic find (and also @all resistances if possible)


Note: Aim to overprotect yourself for situations when you get cursed with spells such as Lower Resist and Amplify Damage or get under an effect of an aura such as Fanaticism or Conviction.


Mercenary Gear

Helm:  Andariel’s Visage  or Crown of Thieves (preferably ethereal, socketed with Ral/Um rune) / Kira’s Guardian Tiara socketed with Um rune
Body Armor: Ethereal Fortitude or Treachery armor / Ethereal Upgraded Guardian Angel socketed with Um rune
Weapon: Ethereal Insight runeword in an elite Polearm base (preferably Thresher)

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