Amazon Diablo 2 Class Guide


The Amazon is a female warrior who yields extreme strength and agility to overcome her enemies through the use of javelins, spears and bows.  The class is one of the 5 from Classic Diablo 2 and has one of the most powerful end game builds in the game.  You can choose to either be a melee attacker with javelins and spears or ranged attacker with javelins or bows, both options have viable end game options.


The class isn’t as friendly for beginners as others as the builds sometime struggle through Hell difficulty, unless you have had some luck in finding items during your playthrough.  That being said, the javelin Amazon is one of the most powerful end game characters and can kill any of the game’s content in seconds.  The bowazon on the other hand is an extremely strong build for PvP players and can also solo the game in PvM.

The following sections will take you through the skill trees available to the Amazon and the most popular builds.


Javelin and Spear Skills


The Javelin and Spear Skill tree can be used to build either a melee or ranged character, or even a hybrid of the two!  The most popular build is made using the lightning abilities Lightning Fury and Charged Strike.  Charged Strike is the highest damage dealing skill in the game, with the potential for a single attack to release 10+ Charged Bolts each dealing over 10k in damage!  Combine this with the Lightning Fury ability which launches javelins into packs of enemies and releases lightning in all directions, and you have an extremely strong character.  There are alternative builds available, either using 2-handed spears and the Fend ability and attack all enemies surrounding you, or again using the Charged Strike ability to inflict huge amounts of lightning damage on your enemies.


Passive and Magic Skills


Passive and Magic Skills are the backbone of any Amazon build, with the available skills providing big boosts to survivability and damage.  Almost all of the skills within the tree are useful, and you have to pick and choose which are best for your build.  3 of the strongest abilities in the tree are Dodge, Evade and Avoid – these skills give you a percentage chance to avoid incoming damage, with each skill differing depending on movement (e.g. standing still, running etc).  Other skills allow you to boost your chances for Critical Strikes, allow your projectiles to Pierce enemies and pass through and summon a Valkyrie to fight by your side.


Bow and Crossbow Skills


Bow and Crossbow Skills provide you with abilities to use to boost your damage with Bows and Crossbows.  The most popular skills are Multishot, which splits your single arrow into multiple allowing you to damage multiple enemies, Strafe which fire off arrows in quick succession and Guided Arrow which shoots arrows that follows the target enemy and hitting them.  There is a more niche build available for the bowazon which is known as the Ice Maiden, and utilizes the Freezing Arrow skill to inflict cold damage on enemies – freezing them in place and shattering them into pieces.

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