Druid Diablo 2 Class Guide


The Druid controls nature and the elements to build an army, transform into a Wolf or Bear and rain damage down onto his enemies.  The class is one of two builds introduced in the Diablo 2 expansion Lord of Destruction and a wide variety of builds available to play.


You’ll never be bored playing the Druid as there are a minimum of 5 viable end game builds to choose from when playing him, meaning you can switch things up when you feel like a change!  Druids have the ability to summon an army to fight along his side (similar to the Necromancer), transform into a Werewolf or Werebear and slap your enemies around or master the elements and surround yourself with hurricanes and tornados, or rain fire down on your enemies to destroy them.  All of these builds are viable for PvM and beginner friendly, the Druid is also one of the strongest characters for PvP if you wanted to delve into that world.


The following sections will take you through the skill trees available to the Druid and the most popular builds.


Elemental Skills

The Druid’s elemental skills are very strong and has 2 builds available, centres around the level 30 abilities Hurricane and Armageddon.  Hurricane surrounds the Druid with circling wind, inflicting cold damage on any monster that gets close and is supplemented by the Tornado skill which sends out individual Tornados in front of the Druid dealing physical damage.  This combination means there are very few enemies that can survive!  The alternative is a fire damage build focusing on the Armageddon skill which rains meteors down around the Druid engulfing them in flames!  This damage can be supplemented by a number of skills such as Fissure, Molten Boulder, Volcano or Firestorm – the fire build has an expensive end game item selection but is very very strong.


Shapeshifting Skills

Shapeshifting skills allow the Druid to transform into either a Werewolf or Werebear, with a number of skills available to either option.  Both options are considered melee builds and rely on physical damage to take down enemies, with the exception of a Rabies Werewolf who bites his enemies, infecting them with a virus and dealing poison damage.  The Werewolf is the more popular option of the two, but the Werebear can become a great support character with the Shockwave ability stunning enemies allowing your party to inflict damage freely.


Summoning Skills

The Druid’s summoning skills focus on the forces of nature, and allow you to summon wolves, bears, ravens, vines and sages to fight along your side.  The primary damage dealers are the wolves, bears and ravens while the sages and vines provide utility in the form of increased life / regeneration or bonuses to damage.  The summoning skill tree is also used with elemental or shape shifting builds with the Oak Sage being the most popular option to provide big boosts to life, shape shifting builds sometimes opt for the Heart of Wolverine for increased damage.  The wolves, raven and bears are also useful for these builds to act as a meat shield and absorb damage.

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