D2R Throw Barbarian Build Guide

Throw Barb Introduction The throw barbarian is a versatile build that has been made viable by recent patch changes, primarily around the ability to replenish the quantity of your item – meaning you never run out!  This build is a physical damage dealer and played correctly can deal a huge amount of damage, both to […]

Barbarian Levelling Guide – D2R 2.6

Barbarian Levelling Guide This guide will take you through an efficient method to level your Barbarian and complete the game on Hell difficulty.  There are various approaches to levelling and the method will change depending on your situation (for example if you have been rushed, you will level differently), this guide presents a method for […]

Frenzy Barbarian Guide – D2R 2.5

Kill even the strongest bosses within seconds and run with run at 300% increased speed with one of the best Barb builds. Check out the guide for further infos!

Whirlwind Barbarian 2.5 Guide

WW barb is the ultimate Barbarian build for D2R and party members love them! Check out this guide for all the useful informations about it!