Frenzy Barbarian Guide – D2R 2.4

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Frenzy Barb Build Introduction

The frenzy barb is one of the most efficient melee d2 builds that can kill bosses within seconds. Investing in expensive runewords is necessary in order to deal really high damage, but budget options are available that are viable ladder starters. In order to attack with Frenzy, you need to dual wield, which makes the character more vulnerable, compared to other barbarian builds this one has slightly worse survivability. This can be offset by wearing a Last Wish runeword as your weapon, which will proc Fade  Damage is dealt from Frenzy is purely physical, so you will need to put a point on Berserk in order to deal with magic immune monsters.

Your movement speed is amazing with Frenzy as each swing will increase your running and attack speed. The only downside of the build is the lack of area damage, which makes it slightly slower than the best AEO builds for farming places like the Cow level, Chaos Sanctuary or Baal. The build can even be used for farming Ubers, as it can have close to 100% crushing blow, and will also deal massive amounts of physical damage. You should use an Act2 Nightmare Offensive Mercenary to gain it’s Might Aura, which will further increase your damage.

Pros and Cons


  • Very high single target damage
  • Movement speed is off the charts
  • Efficient for Boss MFing
  • Soloing the game is viable
  • Depending on gear setup can be quite tanky
  • Party members will love you for the Shouts and your auras.
  • Solo Baal and Chaos runs are doable in 4 minutes


  • Doesn’t deal immense damage in budget gear


Playing solo: Frenzy will kill most monsters almost immediately, but you will need to put a point on Berserk in order to kill physical immune monsters.

Playing in a party: You can provide high level Battle Orders, Battle Command and Shout skills to your party, which will increase their survivability very significantly. Your merc will provide Might aura, and in case you have a Pride on him than Concentration aura as well. In case you decide on a Last Wish weapon setup, you can use an Act1 Merc and equip her with Faith, providing a Fanaticism aura instead of Pride’s Concentration. You can also use an Oath weapon to cast Heart of Wolverine which will further increase your party’s physical damage.

Survivability, Hardcore: Last Wish is definitely the weapon of choice if you want to improve your survivability, as it has a 6% chance to cast Level 11 Fade, giving you 11% physical resist and 56% all resist. Wearing a Crown of Ages and a String of Ears belt is a must to reach 50% physical damage reduction, and you should also wear elemental damage absorption items and have at least 75% all resistances in order to survive elemental attacks.

Damage output: Single target damage output is very high, and you can attack over 4 times in a second with a very high Deadly strike and Crushing blow proc rate so high life monsters can be dealt with very quickly. The build lacks area damage, so your kill speed will be slightly lower in dense areas compared to some other builds.

Where to farm: Absolutely anywhere. In case you wear a Lawbringer as your weapon, areas with many Undeads can be farmed very efficiently.

Magic Find: Having an Enigma for Magic Find purposes can give you a huge boost. Also make sure to have your inventory stacked with 7% Magic Find small charms and a Gheed’s Fortune.

Budget: The build is not budget friendly as it requires expensive runewords in order to be really effective. Otherwise you can use runewords such as Black or Passion if you are on a tight budget.

Mana/Life: The most efficient way to solve your mana and life issues is to have % mana and life stolen per hit on your gear.

Movement/Mobility: The character’s running speed is unmatched by any other build, so there is no need for an Enigma to be able to Teleport and move quickly.

Ubers: You will be able to deal with Ubers, just make sure you wear elemental damage absorption, have at least 75% all resists and 50% physical damage reduction on your gear. Use Last Wish, or have a secondary weapon in order to cast Life Tap on Ubers.

Mercenary: Use Nightmare Act 2 Offensive Merc for it’s Might Aura. Equip him with a Pride Runeword to gain Concentration Aura. Another alternative is to use an Act1 Mercenary with a Faith bow on her to provide you with Fanaticism Aura.


Skills: Use Bash, Double Swing and finally Frenzy as you level your character. As Double Swing is a synergy of Frenzy, you can put several skill points on it before switching to Frenzy.  Once you start facing physical immune monsters, put a point on Berserk and its prerequisites and use it to deal with them.

At the Combat Masteries skill tree, put a point on your preferred weapon of choice’s mastery. Put a point on Increased Stamina and Increased Speed as soon as they are available. Put a point on Iron skin and Natural resistances too.

At the Warcries skill tree, use Shout, Battle Orders and Battle Command as they become available. Use Battle Cry on enemy monsters.

After level 30, max out Frenzy and put points on its synergies. Balance your survivability with further skill points on Battle Orders and Shout.

Stats: Have enough strength and dexterity to be able to wear useful gear. Put all the remaining stat points on Vitality.


Check out the Barbarian breakpoints at the Breakpoints guide.

Reaching FHR breakpoints will help with your survivability, so aiming for 27%, 48% or 86% should be your goal.

Skills and Stats


Combat Skills

  • Bash (1 point)
  • Double Swing (Synergy – 20 point)
  • Double Throw (1 point)
  • Frenzy (20 point)
  • Stun (1 point)
  • Concentrate (1 point)
  • Berserk (1 point)

Combat Masteries

  • Sword or Axe Mastery (20 point)
  • Increased Stamina (1 point)
  • Increased Speed (1 point)
  • Iron Skin (1 point)
  • Natural Resistances (1 point)


  • Howl (1 point)
  • Taunt (20 point, Synergy)
  • Shout (1 point)
  • Battle Cry (1 point)
  • Battle Orders (20 point)
  • Battle Command (1 point)


If you prefer to boost your survivability instead of your damage, you can put skill points on Shout and Iron Skin instead of Sword/Axe mastery and Double Swing. Taunt can be used to further lower enemy damage and attack.

Maxing out Berserk and only having 1 point on Battle Orders is an option too in case you want to max out your damage output with Frenzy.

Stat points: The rule of thumb is to put enough points Strength and Dexterity to be able to wear your gear, and all the rest should go to vitality.  With Frenzy Barbs, you might want to consider putting excess stat points on Strength instead if you want to max out your damage. Make sure your survivability doesn’t hinder your farming performance.

Item setups

Cost-effective setup

Cost-effective build to start out at a new ladder season

Helm: Guillame’s Face 

Amu: Highlord’s Wrath / Angelic Wings

Weapon: Oath eth sword, preferably Balrog Blade Stormlash /Death Cleaver Azurewrath

2nd Weapon: Lawbringer Sword / Crescent Moon Sword Headstriker

Switch Weapon: Magic Weapon with 3 to warcries

2nd Switch Weapon: Magic Weapon with 3 to warcries

Body Armor: Myth / Gloom / Stone / Treachery

Belt: String of Ears

Rings: Raven Frost / Rare rings with %life and %mana stolen per hit / Angelic Halo

Gloves: Venom Grip / Laying of Hands

Boots: Waterwalk / Rare boots with 30% FRW +resists


Charms: Any charm with +skill, max dmg/attack rating, life, resist or FHR will help


Larzuk provided sockets: Put Enhanced Damage % or IAS % jewels in any of your free sockets. If you don’t have 75% all resistances, put Um runes in your free sockets.


Mercenary Type: Nightmare Difficulty, From Act 2, Offensive (Might Aura)

Helm:Tal Rasha’s helm / 3*perfect amethyst socketed helm

Body Armor: Treachery (Eth bugged armor base preferred)

Weapon: Insight in an elite two-handed ethereal Polearm

Advanced setup

If you prefer teleporting for movement, use Enigma for Armor and switch to Heart of the Oak for fast teleportation. For weapon switch, you can also use Lacerator in order to cast Amplify Damage on your target. The most efficient setup usually is dual wielding two Grief phase blades as primary weapons.

Helm: Guillame’s Face (Socket it with Enhanced damage / Increased attack speed jewel)

Amu: Highlord’s Wrath

Weapon: Grief phase blade / Death Colossus Sword or Colossus Blade

2nd Weapon: Last wish Sword / Grief phase blade

Switch Weapon: Heart of the Oak flail / Lacerator

2nd Switch Weapon:Heart of the Oak flail / Lacerator

Body Armor: Enigma Fortitude

Belt: String of Ears

Rings: Raven Frost / Rare or Crafted rings with %life and %mana stolen per hit and other useful stats

Gloves: Dracul’s Grasp

Boots: Gore rider


Charms: Annihilus, Hellfire torch ,max dmg/attack rating /life small or grand charms, allresist/life small charms


Mercenary Type: Nightmare Difficulty, From Act 2, Offensive (Might Aura)

Helm: eth Andariel’s Visage socketed with 15Ias / Allres jewel

Body Armor: Treachery (Eth bugged armor base preferred)

Weapon: Pride in an elite two-handed ethereal Polearm / eth Reaper’s Toll socketed with a Ber rune


Alternate Mercenary Type: Act 1 Merc from any difficulty

Helm:eth Andariel’s Visage socketed with 15Ias / Allres jewel

Body Armor: Treachery (Eth bugged armor base preferred) / Fortitude (Eth bugged armor base preferred)

Weapon: Faith crusader bow


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