Hammerdin Guide – D2R 2.5

Hammerdins are the most overpowered characters in the game. Solo any game content with lightning speed, or carry a 8player party on your own! Check out the guide to learn everything about Hammerdins!

Vengeance Paladin Guide – D2R 2.5 Avenger

Vengeance Paladin Introduction & Overview The Vengeance Paladin, also known as Avenger or Convictionist is a very strong melee build that can one-hit most enemies and demolish any Boss with a few hits. It has very high single target damage, good survivability, and is very easy to play with (basicly just click on enemy monsters). […]

Uber Smiter Paladin 2.5 Guide

Smiters are the best option if you look for a build that can deal with Uber Tristram or Uber Diablo. Kill any enemy monster withing seconds without having to worry about your survival!

Auradin Guide – Holy Fire Dragon (2.5)

Auradin Introduction & Overview The arrival of the new Flickering Flame runeword in patch 2.4 gave birth to an incredibly strong Holy Fire Auradin, which is so overpowered that streamers considered it to be a game-breaker. By using Hand of Justice weapon, Dragon armor and Dragon shield it can have a level 44  Holy Fire […]