Auradin Guide – Holy Fire Dragon (2.4)

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Aura Paladin Build Introduction

In patch 2.4, the arrival of the new Flickering Flame runeword gave birth to an incredibly strong Holy Fire Auradin, which is so overpowered that streamers considered it to be a game-breaker. By using Hand of Justice weapon, Dragon armor, Dragon shield and a Flickering Flame helm it can potentially have a level 52 Holy Fire aura.  The build is widely considered to be the strongest character in the game. Just to give you a glimpse of what it’s capable of, here is some of it’s feats:


🔸 Hell Cows speedrun in 90 seconds, one-hitting cows in 500% magic find gear

🔸 Hell Chaos run and Hell Baal run both within 3 minutes in magic find gear 

🔸 Very comfortable and fairly quick Player8 Chaos and Baal run 

🔸 Player 8 Uber Diablo kill 

🔸 Uber Tristram Kill 

🔸 Any Player8 Boss kill in seconds 

🔸 Very high survivability 

🔸 Teleport-like movement speed


The Dragondin deals an immense amount of fire area damage on a wide radious, while also dealing high amounts of melee fire damage and melee physical damage. By using the Charge skill, you can move almost as fast as teleporting, which comes handy in areas where you one-hit non-immune monsters. In conclusion: If you want to carry 7 of your friends on Hell difficulty, this is the right build for you.

Pros and Cons


  • Fun and unique build
  • Easy to play with
  • Unmatched area damage on a huge radious
  • Very high single target damage
  • No life and mana sustain issues
  • Boosts party member’s elemental damage by providing a maxed Conviction aura
  • Can solo the entire game in player 8 with ease.
  • Solo Baal or Chaos runs are doable within 3 minutes.
  • Amazing magic-finding abilities
  • Hardcore-viable
  • Can kill Uber Diablo and even Uber Tristram
  • Fast movement speed by using Charge skill


  • Very expensive
  • Not viable as ladder starter
  • Requires high-end runewords

Auradin Gameplay

Gameplay– It is fairly easy and beginner friendly, you either just Charge around while having Conviction aura on, killing anything that gets near you, or you run and use Zeal if there are fire immunes in the area. Unfortunately all of the Holy Fire aura items require high tier runes, and for extraordinary performance you need all of the Hand of Justice-Dragon Armor-Dragon Shield – Flickering Flame combination. Due to this, the build is also very expensive.

Attackingyou should either just use your Holy Fire aura to take care of non fire-immunes, or use Zeal if there are fire immunes around. Changing your Conviction aura to any other won’t help too much against immunes, generally I’d rather suggest using an Act1 Faith bow mercenary in order to provide you with Fanaticism Aura and increase your attack speed while also boosting your damage.

Your melee fire damage will be over 7k, while you will still deal enough physical damage to kill immunes in a matter of seconds. If you use an Act2 mercenary, killing immunes will become even faster.
Bosses won’t take you longer than a few seconds either. A weakness of Dragondins are their attack rating, for which you can use charms, Raven Frost rings/Metalgrid amu, and I strongly suggest pre-buffing yourself with Enchant from a Demon Limb weapon which could be enough of a boost by itself.

Farming Areas – Holy Fire excels at areas where monster density is high and there are no fire immunes, so it can deliver a great deal of damage to many monsters at the same time, the Secret Cow Level being the perfect example. However, even at the toughest places, like Chaos Sanctuary or the Throne of Destruction you will be able to kill monsters quickly and consistently.

Hardcore/Survivability -When playing Hardcore, I’d stick to areas without immunes, as they can be a threat for survivability as well. Make sure to use walking or Charge instead of running to preserve your defense, and you should consider putting your spare skill points on Holy Shield and Defiance to increase your defense, which is quite low on the base build. Also make sure to have enough dexterity for 75% block chance. One thing that’s needless to say is that pre-buffing yourself with Call to Arms Battle Orders will almost double your life and mana, and your survivability chances will get multiplied.

When you are inside a town, or farming Nightmare Cows for example, you have the option to use Vigor aura for fast running. Otherwise the quickest way to move is by channeling Charge, by which you can move as fast as by teleporting. If you are capable of one-hitting monsters in a wide area via Holy Fire’s aura, you will be able to kill a horde of monsters in a short amount of time.

Mana and life sustenance – It is dependant on the rest of your gear. While Hand of Justice has 7% life stolen per hit, that may not be enough for continous healing without potions. By using a Dracul’s Grasp, you will have more than enough life steal to heal yourself, and in addition a 5% chance to cast Life Tap which insta-heals you and your mercenary on each hit. Mana sustenance should not be an issue as Zeal has a very low mana cost, but having a dual leech (life and mana steal) ring, or dual leech gloves can help even against mana burning monsters. If you plan to move entirely by channel Charge over big maps and just relying on Holy Fire to kill, you will either need items that provide mana, or will need mana potions.

Party play – Gameplay is the same as Soloing, the only difference being the occasional disbelief of your party members about the insanity they are seeing. Watching the carnage that the Dragondin provides is at least as fun as playing the game. In addition, you will also provide a maxed -150% resistance Conviction aura to your party, so casters and elemental damage dealers will be very happy about your presence.

Magic Find – MF is straight forward aswell. The 4 aura-providing gear slots are fix in any gear setup, but you can have your inventory full with 7% magic find small charms, and/or have magic find on the rest of your gear while only sacrificing ~25% of your aura’s damage. The fire Auradin is great at farming both big mobs of monster and single Bosses, you can use it as an all-purpose MF character.


Check out the Paladin breakpoints at the Paladin Breakpoints guide.

My only suggestion on breakpoints is about Faster Hit Recovery, having one ,two, three or four 12% FHR Grand Charm, or multiple 5% FHR Small Charms will help to reach the 7%, 15%, 27% and 48% breakpoints, so you will recover from attacks much quicker, which is useful both while charging and while attacking enemies with Zeal.
Each time your character receives damage more than 1/12th of it’s life, it will get stunned. Faster Hit Recovery helps to reduce the stun effect, which makes a big difference especially in tough situations.



Allocate enough Strength points to be able to wear your gear. If you have higher strength than necessary once you are in your final gear, re-stat your character to lower strength.


Firstly, have enough Dexterity to be able to wear your gear. Having 75% chance to block with Holy Shield on also greatly helps survivability, so I suggest putting additional points on dex until you reach the 75% block chance cap.


Put all your remaining stat points on Vitality once you are able to wear your gear. At higher levels, spare points for additional dexterity to maintain 75% block chance, and put the rest on Vitality.


Don’t put any points on it.


Combat Skills

  • Sacrifice (1 point)
  • Smite (1 point)
  • Holy Bolt (1 point)
  • Zeal (1 point)
  • Charge (1 point)
  • Blessed Hammer (1 point)
  • Holy Shield (1 point)

Offensive Auras

  • Might (1 point)
  • Holy Fire (1 point)
  • Thorns (1 point)
  • Holy Freeze (1 point)
  • Sanctuary (1 point)
  • Conviction (enough points for the level25 skill cap)

Defensive Auras

  • Resist Fire (20 point)
  • Defiance (1 point)
  • Prayer (1 point)
  • Cleansing (1 point)
  • Vigor (1 point)
  • Redemption (1 point)
  • Salvation (20 point)

Rest of the Skill points:

Option #1: To take care of fire immunes quickly and deliver a decent amount of extra physical damage, you can max out Zeal and put the remaining points on it’s Sacrifice Synergy.

Option #2: If you only want to Solo farm non-fire immune areas (Like the Secret Cow Level), you can max out Holy Shield and put the remaining points on Defiance. This setup almost triples your defense, and allows you to charge in the middle of Cow groups to deliver the short-range doubled Holy Fire damage. In this setup you don’t need to put points on Sacrifice, Zeal, Prayer, Cleansing, Vigor and Redemption, as you will only move by Charge and deliver all damage via Holy Fire.

Option #3:  You can choose the mixture of Option#1 and Option#2, for example max out Zeal and put the remaining points on Holy Shield. This setup is optimal if you want to be able to kill immunes and have decent attack rating for high chance to hit, while delivering most of your damage by crushing blows, deadly strikes and open wounds. Your defense will also be relatively high due to the extra points on Holy Shield.

Auradin Gearing

Best Gear for Damage setup

Helm: Flickering Flame runeword
Amu: Highlord’s Wrath
Weapon: Hand of Justice runeword
Switch Weapon: Call to Arms for Battle Orders, or Naj’s Puzzler for Teleport
Shield: Dragon Shield runeword in paladin shield with 35-45@ all resistances
Switch Shield: Spirit in paladin shield
Body Armor: Dragon Armor runeword in an elite, light body armor
Belt: String of Ears
Rings: Raven Frost, Dual Leech Ring (rare or crafted)
Gloves: Dracul’s Grasp
Boots: Gore Rider

Unique Charms:Annihilus, Paladin Hellfire Torch, Gheed’s Fortune
Rest of the Charms:Small Charms with @all resistances, life, faster hit recovery, attack rating, defense, maximum damage

Magic Find Gear setup

Helm: Flickering Flame runeword
Amu: 40-50% Magic Find amulet
Weapon: Hand of Justice runeword
Switch Weapon: Call to Arms for Battle Orders, or Naj’s Puzzler for Teleport
Shield: Dragon Shield runeword in paladin shield with 35-45@ all resistances
Switch Shield: Spirit in paladin shield
Body Armor: Dragon Armor runeword in an elite, light body armor
Belt: Goldwrap
Rings: 2*Nagelring, or 2*30-40% Magic Find ring
Gloves: Chance Guards
Boots: War Traveler

Unique Charms: Annihilus, Paladin Hellfire Torch, Gheed’s Fortune
Rest of the Charms: 7% Magic Find Small Charms


In my experience, having an Act1 Rogue mercenary wearing a Faith Bow helps the most with damage, as it greatly increases attack speed. However you can also try  act2 and act5 mercenaries, especially if your goal is survivability, or if you don’t want to buy a Faith just for your merc.

Mercenary type: Act1 Cold Rogue

Mercenary Helm: Ethereal Andariel’s Visage
Body Armor: Ethereal Fortitude in an Elite armor
Weapon: Faith runeword bow


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