Codex of Power

The Codex of Power is home to all the Legendary Aspects that you can infuse into your items at the Occultist NPC to make your builds much stronger. You can “infuse” these into rare or legendary items (although it costs more resources to put them into a legendary compared to a rare item). They gets unlocked after you have completed their relative specific Dungeon located in the Open World.


The Codex of Power itself is very useful and allows us to customize our builds very early with full legendary aspects/powers, but only if you already explored Sanctuary with at least one character completing their relative Dungeons to unlock the desired aspects. While it sounds crazy powerful, it does have some limitations that make finding a legendary item with the desired aspect almost always better than using a Codex Aspect. Think of the Codex granted legendary powers as the most budget way to get started on a new build early on, once you have already explored the Open World.


The Codex of Power doesn’t have every single Aspect from each Legendary in the game and it will always imprint into an item the lowest possible roll of such aspect, that’s half the power of a maxed roll but still enough to get started in most cases. Also, not all Aspects can be imprinted anywhere, but they are instead divided into categories and depending on those, they will be imprinted on different gear slots. 


In general for early game I would suggest unlocking the most useful Aspects which are not Class specific and will greatly enhance your survivability, I’m talking about Rapid, The Protector, Protecting,  The Deflecting Barrier and Might generic aspects, compatible with all classes that will give you a ton of survivability on top of increased core attack speed, also remember that Offensive aspects put into 2h weapons with have their values doubled, meaning you’ll get +50% attack speed instead of 25% if you make it in a 2h weapon, same is true for Barrier and Damage Reduction values from Defensive aspects when put into an Amulet, they get +50% bonus to their value, so a 2000 life barrier would become a 3000 life barrier, which ultimately helps us choosing the appropriate slots for the strongest aspects we can use. 


All numerical values listed are taken from the November 2022 Closed Beta, so they might be subject to changes for the actual full game release.


How To Use Codex of Power

To imprint an item with the desired compatible aspect, you’ll need to talk with the Occultist NPC, and select to infuse an aspect from your Codex of Power, from those you currently have unlocked. You will get the lowest possible roll by infusing Codex of Power aspects, but at least you’ll be guaranteed to get them. They are good starter for new builds, while to upgrade the rolls of your desired aspect you’ll need to get a Legendary Item to drop with the correct aspect and a better roll, extract the “Essence” at the Occultist and infuse that Essence or “high rolled aspect” into a rare or legendary base with much better stats than the original item from which you took the Essence.


To be considered a good base, rare or legendary items must have high rolls with the correct main stat of the class plus the secondary stats you are looking for.


Categories & Slots

Offensive: Gloves, 1H Weapon, 2H Weapon (Doubled effectiveness), Ring, Amulet (+50% Effectiveness)

Defensive: Helm, Chest, Pants, Amulet (+50% Effectiveness)

Resource: Helm, Ring, Amulet (+50% Effectiveness)

Utility: Helm, Chest, Boots, Gloves, Amulet (+50% Effectiveness)

Mobility: Boots, Amulet (+50% Effectiveness)

You can find all the Generic and Class Specific Aspects within the Codex of Power in our Codex of Power Aspects Guide.

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