Enchant Sorceress Introduction & Overview

The Enchant Sorceress is a sorc with maxed out Enchant and its synergy, Warmth. Enchant can be casted not only on your own character, but on mercenaries, allies, and even summons. A high level Enchant can boost fire damage by 3 to 4k, and the attack rating by 400-500%. Enchant can greatly improve leveling speeds, since a high level Enchant casted on a low level character will allow it to deliver huge damage, and one-hit any monster. The quickest way to level up a low level character is by opening a Cow portal on normal, Enchanting the character, and letting it kill cows.

With a high level Fire Mastery, a sorceress can get up to 25k fire damage with each attack. There are a variety of Enchant-based builds, like the Bear Sorceress, or the Zeal Sorceress. In this guide I will introduce the Bow Enchantress, an incredibly fun, but barely known build. The build takes advantage of Enchant’s mechanics by using Fire Explosive arrows for attacking, hitting every monster near the explosion with Enchant’s added damage. By having a high chance of piercing attacks, the build can quickly kill bigger packs of monsters relatively fast.


Bow Enchantress Pros and Cons


  • Pure Fun build
  • Very high area damage
  • Ideal for Cow farming
  • One of the best builds for Party gameplay

  • Requires an Infinity on your merc 
  • Not Hardcore-viable
  • Not Ladder start viable
  • Limited Magic Find options

Bow Enchantress Gameplay

Playing solo: Have the highest level Enchant possible. Cast Enchant on yourself and on your mercenary. Do the usual prebuffs, cast a Frozen Armor, if you have a Call to Arms cast battle orders and battle command. You will have two attacking skills, normal attack and Static Field. Use static field to lower enemy monsters lives, then use normal attack to kill them with a single explosive arrow. Cast Blaze for quick run speed and for the additional fire damage.


Playing in a party: Gameplay is the same as in solo. You should cast Enchant on every party member and their mercenaries, and even their summons. If the party has a Convictionist Paladin or Lower Resist necromancer present, you will be able to one-hit almost any monster.

Playing Hardcore:
The build is unfortunately not Hardcore viable.

Enchant Sorceress Breakpoints


Note: Each second in the game consists of 25 frames or “ticks”. Your breakpoints decide how many frames it will take until you can attack/cast a skill/recover from a hit/ block a new hit.


Faster Cast Rate


Faster Hit Recovery


Faster Block Rate

Enchant Sorceress Skills

Cold Spells

  • 1 point to Frozen Armor

Lightning Spells

  • 1 point to Telekinesis
  • 1 point to Teleport
  • 20 points to Static Field

Fire Spells

  • 20 points to Warmth
  • 20 points to Enchant
  • 20 points to Fire Mastery
  • 1 point to Inferno
  • 20 points to Blaze

Enchant Sorceress Stat Points


Allocate enough Strength points to be able to wear your gear.


Allocate enough Dexterity points to be able to wear your gear.


Put all your remaining points on it


Don’t put any points on it.


You can re-stat your character by the quest reward of Akara’s Act1 Den of Evil Quest, or by using Token of Absolution.

Bow Enchantress Mercenary

You should have an Act2 Holy Freeze Aura mercenary for Crowd Control equipped with an Infinity runeword weapon.

Bow Enchantress Item setup

Helm: Wisdom Runeword Bone Visage

Amulet: Highlord’s Wrath

Weapon: Kuko Shakaku socketed with Shael rune

Switch Weapon: Call to Arms Crystal Sword

Shield: none
Switch Shield: Spirit Monarch

Body Armor: Treachery runeword in an elite light armor

Belt: Razortail

Rings: Raven Frost, Dual leech rare or crafted ring

Gloves: Laying of Hands
Boots: Gore Rider / 30% FRW triple resist boots


Charms: Fire Sunder charm, Fire Skillers (with +life, +FRW or +FHR), Annihilus, Hellfire torch, Gheed’s Fortune, Small Charms with @all resistances, life, faster hit recovery


Mercenary Gear

Helm:  Andariel’s Visage  / Crown of Thieves (preferably ethereal, socketed with Ral/Um rune)
Body Armor: Ethereal Fortitude in an elite armor
Weapon:  Infinity runeword in an elite two-handed ethereal Polearm, preferably Thresher

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